One of the best Wireless Charger manufacturer in China

Shenzhen Litaosheng Technology Co., Ltd (Belong to LTS Group) has over 7 years experience and gained certainly 3C accessories market share in this field, with wireless charger, power banks, and wireless car charger. We focus on quality, clients’ service, and R&D ability, LONTEMS is our own brand.

Lontems with market & sales department, around 50 employees in LTS Group, LANTAISI is our factory which focuses on production and assembly with 4 lines around 100 workers. Factory month’s volume of production is around 95K pieces. Strict QC & QA process ensure the superior quality products and certification with: FCC, CE, RoHS, QI, and GB/T 19001-2016 audit ISO9001:2015 by Sira certification.

Our clients from all over the world with the brand manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, etc. The mission is to bring clients the best products at a lower cost, all product design purposes are based on convenient use with a better look. OEM/ODM service is our characteristic service, helping the client to customize their own brand product. In a word, we would like to help transfer your idea into a real product.

Quality Assurance

Quality not only means excellence but also reliability

Quality material starts it all

The idea of producing a quality Wireless charger is far-fetched when class is not keenly observed and strictly implemented at the very beginning. How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally, and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting raw materials.

The main parts for a wireless charger, are made by 1) The PCB board 2) outer covering 3) Non-slip silicone and 4) light guide. Your Wireless charger MUST pass the quality inspection strictly.

Experienced workers

Craftsmanship is at the heart of your wireless charger manufacturer. We call ourselves craftspeople to express the passion we have for creating durable wireless chargers, and we are continually improving the manufacturing process, pushing your project to succeed as expected.

We believe only the most qualified staff can go that extra mile to meet your expectations of perfection. It is the reason why LITAOSHENG never stops employing more wireless charger experts in the wireless charger industry.

Efficient Plant & Machinery

We understand how important the end-quality machine could bring brilliant and most stable wireless charger products for you.

Our investment in the latest technology also ensures that we can offer competitive pricing to make you satisfied. Four production lines allow us to achieve a higher output while maintaining the same high-quality product.

What Others Say About Your Manufacturer

Among on thousands of wireless charger manufacturer, what makes Litaosheng Ltd as the leading wireless charger factory in China?
Let’s hear what our overseas customers say?

What We Say About Us

Our company is a globally leading wireless charger supplier based in Shenzhen, China. To meet the high-quality demand of our customers over the world, we have established the modern newest manufacturing equipment in our wireless charger factory.

As a world-famous manufacturing area: wireless charger China. We have the top quality mobile accessories chain and the best machine in our wireless charger factory.

Our manufactured wireless charger and power bank and car charger can be used for different devices.