“Incredible product! There were a lot of cables on my desk to charge my cell phone, watch and my Airpods case. Now I just need my Wireless Charger. The excellent finish makes the devices attached to the station stay there without falling. My iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods Case charges quickly. This is definitely an essential product to avoid having a bunch of cables on your table/office desk/nightstand and thanks to dock station design, the place looks a lot better!
Thank you guys!”

Bruno Araujo / TS27

“I don’t usually write reviews BUT I absolutely love this charger. It charges my phone really fast and the quality of the material is amazing, so sturdy! My phone doesn’t move from its place or fall with all these potholes in the city. Would definitely recommend buying this charger!”

Diana / TSC20

“I’ve been looking for a wireless power bank for a long time since I bought a smart phone with wireless charge function. With recommendation from my friend I ordered this product. Got to say it’s remarkable and awesome—you can charge your phone by putting on it. Let alone there is a flashlight and solar panel on its surface. It can charge itself with very limited light. This function saves me from the problem of forgetting to charge it after using”

Stvvvz / E35

“This charging dock is awesome. The soft touch texture is great, and the led light around the base is a nice touch. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid, but affordable wireless charging dock.”

Jill Waters / TS27A

“Really digging this purchase. I was skeptical about how easy it would be to put my Apple Watch on the charger with out it being a hassle to get it to charge. I must say I am completely satisfied with how well it works with the Apple Watch. It’s easy to find a wireless charger for an iPhone. But it’s been sucky to find one that I can lay my watch down flat on that works well.

Forgot to add how sleek and travel friendly it is. Think of getting one for my office and a white one for the kitchen. Got to see how it stands the test of time first. So far so good.”

Fonz / TS25

“Great power bank. 3 USB ports, micro USB wired charging port, solar panel, flashlight, wireless phone charging… just a awesome multi-purpose unit. Durable and tough. Only thing I wish it had was a short write up on how to use it.”

Shelby Martin / E04B