Is the installation of car wireless charging for practicality or high style?

With the development of the times, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more extensive. Starting from the previous pagers, they have undergone many upgrades and improvements before they have evolved to our current smart phones. Today’s smart phones are even more essential electronic products for our daily life, and their powerful functions…

iphone 8 wireless charger

When to say goodbye to the charging cable? Wireless charging may be universal

“Wireless” has always been one of the unremitting pursuit of mobile phones, because the mobile phone itself was born to “abandon” the phone line. Although the mobile phone abandoned the phone line/network cable through wireless communication technology, and later “abandoned” the wired headset through the upgrade of Bluetooth technology, now the only cable that the…

What is wireless charging?

As new iPhone12 launched, Apple bring us new magnetic wireless charger, but official magnetic wireless charger was too expensive to accept, we design this model for you, the same working principle, no need to aim at coil, just close to your iPhone12, it will automatically charge for your iPhones, so cool.

Portable wireless chargers suitable for business man

Does wireless fast charging damage mobile phone batteries?

Nowadays, the frequency and dependence of mobile phones are getting higher and higher. The emergence of fast charging greatly improves the battery life of mobile phones. With the advancement of technology, wireless charging, which is the main feature of convenience, has also entered the ranks of fast charging. However, just like when fast charging first…